Kickin Frugal Booty!

Little has a double ear infection.
Today I read an list of five ways to save your family money in 2008; one of the ways was combining trips to save gas.

What do these to things have to do with each other and the title?
Well, Little has a double ear infection and so we were going to go get antibiotics. Normally this would mean a trip to Walgreens because I could use the drive thru and not have to get three children out of the car. But NOOOOOO! The new Super-Frugal Me decided we would head to Schnucks (our local grocery store). Amoxicillin is free at Schnucks. AND until Sunday one can buy two bars of Olay bar soap for FREE!! AND if one bought a box of a certain brand of pasta TODAY, the company is issuing full rebates (1.99) as a Leap Year celebration thingy. AND it was on sale for $1.00 a box. AND I had a coupon for the pasta.

SO, your new hero “Super-Frugal” ended the day with a daughter on the way to recovery, 2 bars of Olay “Calm Release” Soap (regularly $2.99), and a box of pasta (regularly $1.89)and paid $.46! And I will be receiving $1.99 in the mail meaning that I will MAKE $1.53 off the whole thing. I feel so powerful. I could fly.

Now is where I mention that I was so shot through with adrenaline that I bought the wrong brand of pasta. So, I won’t make money on the deal, but I still only paid $.46. The girl at the register actually said, “WOW”. I will now rest. You can just head on out to the city gate and throw out a “You Rock”.

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6 Responses to Kickin Frugal Booty!

  1. Jawan says:

    YOU ROCK, Becky!

  2. Amanda says:

    Don’t forget, you saved gas by not making two trips!! So you really did make some money off of it! Way to go!

  3. amy says:

    the thrill of victory…nothing like a great deal! good on ya!

  4. MightyMom says:

    wait wait wait!! you have a store that has Amoxil FREE??? wow! I’m impressed!! when did that happen??

  5. BKicklighter says:

    Mightymom: Our grocery store started giving it for free this winter to compete with Walmart selling it for $4. I choose free.

  6. Debbie says:

    Very impressive!!!


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