Since Christmas, Little has really been into opening gifts. She loves to rip the paper. Tonight I loved watching her. She had to concentrate so hard to get her fingers to do what she wanted and the look of joy on her face as she saw what was in each package was so fun. Then she would whisper a “Thank you” that was so sincere it made my eyes tear and heart swell. True gratitude, baby! So, she can’t write a thank you note yet, but folks, know that she is so thankful!

Signing Time (with Alex and Leah) – Days of the Week:

OH, THANK YOU, Aunt Anna, Uncle Brice and Cole. She can’t wait to paint! And with the smocks Uncle Andy and Aunt Brooke sent, mommy’s excited too!
High Fives!
Concentrating so hard. She said, as if to herself, “It’s an orange game. It’s a pooh game. There’s letters.”If your gift was not shown or mentioned here, that means nothing. I was trying to comfort a crying baby and clean up a cupcake covered little boy while this was going on. We just didn’t get a photo of everything!

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1 Response to Gifts

  1. annaj says:

    Thanks so much for the pictures. I just love seeing her face. She really has grown. She was so cute on the phone! Tell her that her Aunt Anna is coming to visit her!


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