My Big Boy

Right now my little big boy is sleeping in his big boy bed. This all happened quite unexpectedly when this afternoon I just said, “Bubba, you want to take a nap in your big boy bed?” He crawled under the covers, lay his head down on the pillow and stuck his thumb in his mouth. We did not hear a peep. At 3:00PM I went in to find him just waking up. I squealed, jumped, told him what a big boy he is, and took a picture. He smiled and said, “Big boy bed” and asked to see the pictures.

So, tonight he went back in the big bed and fell straight to sleep again. This is a welcome change from the one hour of jumping in the crib and singing every night. We’ll see how the night and morning goes and if that is a welcome change too . . .

This picture is for my nephew – see Cole, Bubba’s hair sticks up just like yours!!!

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1 Response to My Big Boy

  1. Debbie says:

    So, how did the first night go???? What a big boy!!


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