Major Scare

You must be wondering what this photo has to do with a big scare. Well, today there was a family moment that rocked my world to a point it is hard to talk about – and it resulted in my husband cleaning the stairs with KB in the Bjorn. I know you are intrigued.

All children were up from their naps and, as is custom, Little and Bubba were sharing their snack while playing in the den. On this rare occasion, I had left KB lying on the mat under her gym in the corner of the room and I had gone into the kitchen to get a few things ready for a dinner guest. Honey came into the kitchen as well and as seemed fine on the homefront. And quiet. Too quiet.

The dryer buzzer went off and I jumped to go downstairs and hang up the permanent press clothes to minimize ironing. As I turned, my echolalic daughter came dancing into the kitchen chanting, “She has it in her mouth. She has it in her mouth.” Panic gripped me as I literally yelled, “She has WHAT in her mouth?” and honey and I sprinted into the den. There lay KB gagging with a piece of Cookie Crisp cereal in her mouth! Honey picked her up and I did the finger swoop to get it out – all danger averted but it really shook me up. Honey recovered first and said, “You gotta admit it was sweet that Little wanted to share her snack with her sister.” I don’t gotta admit anything – yet.

So, there was still alot of cleaning to do before dinner and you bet your bottom dollar that baby wasn’t going to be left anywhere for sweet siblings to be sweet and share with her. So honey strapped her on and mopped the floors and stairs! What a daddy! And what a gracious heavenly Father!
Oh, and mom, the dinner was great. Anna is a doll and such fun. The food was actually great too – hamburger steak with mushroom gravy, turnip greens and cornbread. The kids kept saying, “Hey, Miss Cushman.” and “Come again, Miss Cushman.” So cute.
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1 Response to Major Scare

  1. Debbie says:

    How scary!! I am so glad that all was well. How wonderful for Lily to inform you so quickly! Have you set her down on the floor again yet? 🙂


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