Change is comin’

Every day is a reminder that change is constant. I have spent the past two days making curtains for new bedrooms and this little one inside me kicks more and harder every day. If this is ANY indication of how fiesty she is going to be outside the womb . . . I am going to start praying NOW!

Another change upon us is Little’s school. She has been at Good Shepherd School for Children and Therapy Services since March and with their therapists for two years. Next week is her last week there. She is starting at our Early Childhood Center on August 13 and her daddy and I just keep shaking our head. I KNOW she will love it and I KNOW it is the best thing – – but there is fear mixed in their as I send my little lamb out into the world.

So, we will stop thinking about that for now and be so thankful for the teachers at GSS who have loved our Little and helped her learn SO MUCH! I am searching for ideas of how to show our appreciation – if you have a goody then let me know. (Especially you teachers who know what is a BUMMER – Erika!)

The teacher holding Little is Mrs. Debra and Mrs. Shannon is to the left.

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