So much stuff. . .

What do my parents, hand foot and mouth disease, Harry Potter, and General Grant have to do with each other?This is a photo of my parents visiting General Grant’s homestead with us and my little girl who is in the process of breaking out with Hand, Foot, and Mouth. This all the day before we all went together to pick up our copy of the last installment to the Harry Potter series.

My parents visit was so great. It wasn’t long enough! We had nothing on the agenda and we just sat together, laughed, watched the kids and played a game! All it did was make me wish we lived closer together and miss them exponentially more now that they are gone again. Bubba had this crazy connection with my daddy that I just loved. He would go straight to him and talk and talk and hug and hug – precious. Memom taught Little how to play Candyland which was sweet.

So Little got HFM on Friday but by Sunday I wasn’t so sure that was all it was. She has bumps ALL OVER and all I could think was Chicken Pox! Bubba broke out yesterday and already his entire body is covered. The doctor took a look yesterday and responded, “It is like nothing I have ever seen. Half the bumps look like Chicken Pox and half look like HFM – but I have never seen it all over like this. Turns out that the treatment for both is the same (there isn’t one) and both affect pregnant women the same (they don’t) so we have a plan – wait it out.

We sat down with our friend Harry Potter on Saturday night and read a few chapters together. The emotions are mixed as we can’t wait to find out what will happen but we realize finding out will mean it is over. We are reading it outloud together which has it’s pluses and minuses. The plus: we can laugh, gasp, and guess together. Minus: I am home, the kids are napping, and I can’t read!!

Okay, now photos!

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2 Responses to So much stuff. . .

  1. april b says:

    LOVE the pictures! Glad to hear the visit was great…so sad about the kids. My brother’s little boy had HFM while we were there earlier this month. So sorry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I especially love the one where Little has her arm around Bubbs’s shoulder. Too sweet.~mad


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