Ankles . . . Or Popsicles!

Yes, we made popsicles and Little keeps calling them ankles. I have no idea why but it is stuck in that head and not going anywhere. We bought the freezer ditties at Target and from that moment on Little kept saying, “We are going to make ankles.” So, Sunday before naps she helped me make the grape koolaid and we poured it in and put the ditties in the freezer. They weren’t really ready until the next day when the children doned daddy’s tshirts and jumped in their chairs. Bubba kept alternating between saying, “yum” and “oh-no”. Yum after a bite and oh-no after seeing the juice running down his arm. Little didn’t say a word – she just ate that ankle!

Funny thing is, there are two more popsicles in the freezer waiting to be eaten and Little keeps having to check on them. She will ask to hold them, will say, “They are cold. For another time.” and give them back to me. We are eating those suckers this afternoon and getting it over with!

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2 Responses to Ankles . . . Or Popsicles!

  1. They are just the cutest… Love those Kicklighter kids.

  2. ~Mad says:

    Great piccies!Keep ’em comin’!Love, ~Mad


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