Bubba’s Break

I know that I usually write about Little each weekend but I have to take a minute to record what the middle child did on Tuesday.  The first I heard of the drama is on a phone call from my older brother. He called on FaceTime and he was in “serious directive mode” which automatically triggered my panic button because “serious directive mode” is reserved for times of stress and intensity. My daddy was sick… Andrew told me his travel plans in “serious directive mode.” Something once happened with mom and I heard the news in “serious directive mode.” You can see why this call, five days into my kids’ visit, using this special tone could cause red flags to go up, right?

IMG_1847Turns out that Bubba was on the retaining wall by the driveway and he jumped off. He was wearing flip-flops and when he landed his foot slipped/rolled peeling the skin off his big toe and causing swelling that could be a sprain or break. After explaining the situation, Andrew gave the phone to Bubs so that I could assess how serious I thought everything was. His tears were flowing, his foot was swelling, and my heart was aching; I wanted to be there to hug him tight. My only input was that if they thought X-rays were necessary they should wait until the next day so that they could go to the right place and get a better look with some of the swelling gone down.

Andrew had the perfect suggestion: he called a family doctor friend and asked if he would come take a peek and give an opinion. This doctor had done this type of thing for our family once before. When Little was 6 months old and we were visiting Alabama, my mom and sister had a sort of “intervention” in the driveway and told me they really thought something was wrong with my baby.  I was SO RELIEVED.  I had been convinced something wasn’t right for months, but was worried people would think I was over-reacting and so I hadn’t done anything about it.  Mom called this doctor friend and he blocked out a couple of hours the next day to spend with Little and me.

His response to Andrew’s call these many years later was just as selfless and caring. He drove over and did a quick assessment and said he wouldn’t be surprised if three of the bones in Bub’s foot were fractured. He suggested they take him to the orthopedist the next morning for X-rays and thought they might put my boy in a boot for a while. The next morning Brooke took him in and it happened just as the doctor said: X-rays, three fractured bones, and a boot. Bubba called me on FaceTime and set the camera up so that he could walk around and show me how great he handled the boot. He’s doing great.

My HOSPITAL ROOM PERSPECTIVE: As I was sitting here miles away I had two overwhelming thoughts that eventually became only one: “I hate I can’t be there to hug my kids” and “I am just so thankful.”

  • I am thankful that during these weeks when he can’t swim, Bubba is surrounded by cousins who can help him be creative with his time.
  • I am thankful that he was with Andrew and Brooke and they knew just how to take care of him.
  • I am thankful there are MANY family arms there to hug my kids tight (and Cheelys give good hugs).
  • I am thankful that his injuries weren’t worse.
  • I am thankful KB didn’t follow and hurt her foot too.
  • I am thankful Bubba took the risk and jumped off the wall.  I mean, that’s not really his go-to move and I am kinda thrilled he did it!
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1 Response to Bubba’s Break

  1. pbenslu says:

    BOYS!! We have laughed for years because it seems that Louis and Damea with those 4 boys have had to see the orthopedist with one of them every Monday morning. One is always in a boot or a cast. I’m not making light of his pain, but I am thankful for every single thing that you are thankful for. I love you. Am praying for Little and You….and I rejoice that God put us in families!! What would we do alone?


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