TO DO: Either 1 OR 2 AND 3!


So we have moved into the hospital and are trying to make it somewhat homey for the duration. Jeremy is bringing Little’s duvet down today and clothes have been emptied into drawers. The walls are bare and that’s where you can help to encourage Little during her wait. You could choose between options one and two but we hope EVERYONE will join in on option three!!!

1.  On the hospital website there are “Cheer Cards” that you can send to patients staying here. You can click-through on the link below,  choose your favorite card,  and personalize your message. Then, the volunteers will print the card and hand-deliver it to our room! They ask for the patient’s name… E. Kicklighter.
Click through here: Cheer Cards

2.  Another option is to send a picture or color a picture for the wall. You could send a Bible verse, image of your favorite artwork, or you could click the link below and print and color a heart for Little! You can send them to us at the address below!

Click through here for a heart! (Oh that it were that easy!)
Other coloring options can be found here (or go to Pinterest and go wild!)

Mail your picture here:


3.  Now, whether or not you send a message or picture, we would LOVE for you to send a selfie/snapshot if you are praying for Little. It’ll take just a minute to snap and send and we are going to print them and hang them on a designated space so she can see the faces of those who are bringing her before His throne. You can send your pic through Facebook Messenger or even add it in a comment on the Facebook thread linked to this post. Feel free to text or email the photo as well. And make sure to put names and where you are living too!

By taking a moment to snap a pic and send it on to us, you will help build our kids’ faith and their understanding of the Body of Christ. Thanks for being a part of this journey with us!!!


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5 Responses to TO DO: Either 1 OR 2 AND 3!

  1. Madelyn says:

    done , done and done by Messenger – will that work?

  2. Hi Becky! The cheer card asks for the patient’s full name. Have others already come through with just E. Kicklighter? Thanks!

  3. Kathy Cheely says:

    Can you use the picture of me with Thomas and KB? Brooke did not send it to me. Thank you so much for doing so.

    Kathy Cheely (205) 907-3360

  4. Ms. Garcia says:

    LOVE these ideas!!!! Can’t wait to choose a few! 🙂


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