Little’s Big Heart 2

So, here I sit in our local hospital waiting on the ambulance to transport Little back down to Children’s. This will be our second ambulance ride in as many weeks and I find myself dreaming of winning the lottery just so I can buy our county another emergency vehicle.

Little is sleeping and has been for four+ hours, save the brief moments where she wakes up long enough to be sick. That’s why we’re here. She was having abdominal pain and threw up and the discharge papers said, “Call this number if she blah, blah, blah, complains of abdominal pain, blah, or throws up.” She did so I did. They wanted us to drive all the way to Children’s right away but Little just wouldn’t stop throwing up and so they sent us here. While the amount of time we have spent here may feel ridiculous, she has received needed/timely care.

(Side note: Just learned that they can only have one ambulance out of the city at a time! They are contracted to have a certain number in city limits at all times and the kiddo in the room beside us left around 10:30. That kiddo needed a helicopter but the winds are too strong and no copters are flying tonight.)

Our Little doesn’t need a helicopter. Turns out all tests came back showing her heart looks exactly the same as last week. BUT with all her body is losing, they are worried about her dehydrating. Because of the trouble her heart is having pumping fluids, the use of an IV is tricky and has to be closely monitored and so we are being transferred to where they monitor hearts best; “Number 7 in the nation” best.

I’ll keep blogging and asking folks to pray. There’s nothing like knowing people are joining together to cover those you love. This time I ask that people pray for our son: there is so much going on with that kiddo too right now and I am very aware how little mamma he is getting at the moment. There’s prayer for KB: it is spirit week and she has a huge presentation and no mamma there to help her dress. (So many costumes.) And for my Honey – patience, perseverance, and a 6th sense…the mamma sense. Then there’s Little’s healing and my feeling overwhelmed. What if everyone just prayed for a Kicklighter every time they brushed their teeth?

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4 Responses to Little’s Big Heart 2

  1. I am praying for every one of you!

  2. Jaime West says:

    You got it! I always attach my most fervent prayers to kne of my daily activities. Big hugs.

  3. ELIZABETH RAY says:

    Praying for you all…… Hope even now that Little has quit throwing up & is improving.

  4. kfbaugh says:

    Will definitely pray–all 4 of us will when we brush out teeth!!!


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