Little’s Big Heart – Heading Home


Word on the third floor is that we are going home tomorrow! If you just yelled, “WHAT?!?” then you did exactly what I did. Apparently Little is doing “extremely well” and everything they are doing here is now stuff I can do at home, so home it is.

They did another echocardiogram today and the doctor said that to her naked eye she couldn’t tell that Little’s heart was much better but she could tell it definitely wasn’t worse. . . so there’s that. They have her medication worked out to a good place … so there’s that. There is still no ’cause that we are aware of, no promise that it will heal, and no reason we should expect it to get worse.  This would be the place to make a joke about  doctors not knowing much, BUT the truth is that these doctors have helped our little girl tremendously over the past four days and that’s because of  what they DO KNOW . . . so there’s that.

We may not know why and how but that’s nothing new when it comes to Little. With Little we have learned the importance of living in what we do know: we do know to pray because He hears and acts. We do know to trust because He knows the whole picture. We do know to watch for His hand at work because He does amazing things around in through our Little.

Our firstborn is special and I have always asked God to use her wherever she is as a light for Him; that lives would be different because they met her. We have seen that in our short stay here and pray that it will continue over the months of outpatient follow-up visits we will have. Some of things we have heard said are:
“I am going to do an echocardiogram, Little and you will be able to see your heart on this screen.” . . . . “God made my heart. I am going to see what it looks like.”

“I love coming to your room to see you, Little. I just love talking to you.”

“I am so glad I got to be your nurse, Little.”

“I see on your chart that your middle name is Joy – that is just the perfect name for you Little.  You seem full of joy.” (Her reply was, “I AM.”)

As we go home we ask you to continue to pray that Little’s heart will return to its original size and strength. Please ask the Father to give Becky patience, wisdom, discernment and faith during the transition and the ability to retain information we new skills must be learned and a new layer of care much be applied. Please lift up Jeremy for those same things and ask the Lord that these new changes would grow the siblings into more loving, caring, and empathetic people instead of bitter, angry, and selfish.


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3 Responses to Little’s Big Heart – Heading Home

  1. Katherine E. Cheely (Kathy) says:

    I think I heard Jeremy give a shout when he got the word that you were coming home!!!!

  2. Praise the Lord! This is great news! I am continuing to pray for all of you.

  3. Rebecca Brown says:

    So glad to keep praying for these things. You are loved, daughter of the King!


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