Little’s Big Heart – Day 2

LIlyWe are wrapping up day 2 at Children’s Hospital and I have received more than one message asking me for an update on Little’s Big Heart.  On one hand it is such a blessing to realize the love of the Body and the joy of prayers on your behalf.  On the other hand it is so hard when so much has remained unchanged since yesterday.  SO, I am going to try to turn “we sat in the hospital and waited for Little to dispel fluids” into something fun and exciting to read; the important stuff is bolded.

* We both slept last night which is a true blessing * I finally got to take a shower this morning and it changed my view on life * I was given the responsibility of calling in Little’s breakfast choices and I spent the rest of the day mastering the art of strategic ordering. . . maximizing her one entrée, three sides, and a beverage to feed the both of us three times today * Blood was drawn by two Sarahs who now have my devotion because they didn’t make my daughter cry * Little has had to wear an oxygen mask through last night and today because her lungs just haven’t had the room to inflate. She hated the little prongs that go into your nose and so they switched her to the mask and that’s worked much better * The day nurse showed up in Texas Longhorn scrubs and I had an emotional reaction (Jen Allen) * Multiple doctors came by to listen through a stethoscope and press on Little’s tummy— Said doctors conferred and came to the conclusion that little had changed with Little and we would continue with the previously prescribed plan * Friends showed up for a visit. They brought my van so we now have a way home when they let us go.— We prayed together for Little’s healing—After praying we talked and laughed — We (I) got in trouble with the neighbor nurse for being too loud * Little was transferred from the CICU to the CPCU (Cardiac Progressive Care Unit) for the duration of our stay (NOT because I was loud! This transfer was already planned before my transgression.) * Our new room is across the hall from the shower * After being pale and barely speaking all day, Little got color in her cheeks and began asking every nurse their age— she’s back, folks * The new room has an Xbox and you can check out games downstairs, there are movies to check out, and a library— Little thinks being in the hospital rocks * We got to FaceTime with Daddy and the sibs * Little didn’t throw up all day — She wasn’t super hungry but she did eat which is a switch from the last few days. * KB did throw up today * Our previous nurse is 38 and our present nurse, Claire, is 25. *

Previously Prescribed Plan — The doctors are giving Little a diuretic to help flush all the fluid from her body cavity. It’s working – she had already lost 4-5 lbs. this morning when they weighed her. They have also begun giving her a medicine to lower her blood pressure so that it is easier for her heart to get good strong pumps. The heart is large because of the fluid and blood that it’s been unable to dispel because it is weak. The hope is that as the fluid is removed from around the outside of the heart there will be more room for the heart to fully relax between “squeezes” and with the help of the lower blood pressure the hearts strength will return allowing the blood and fluid to be pushed out of the heart.

There are no obvious causes that are evident at this point and no clear picture of how this will play out. And so we wait.

If you were to come see Little right now she would look like she normally does on the outside but the inside is still sick.  We continue to pray for our Little’s Big Heart.

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11 Responses to Little’s Big Heart – Day 2

  1. Madelyn C. Magruder says:

    Thank you so much for the update – thinking of you ALL! Love, ~Mad

  2. Nina Kym Black says:

    Thank you so much for this update B…praying for your Little and your family. Sending much love xo

  3. Courtney Doctor says:

    Ahhh, sweet Little and her amazing mom. Praying for you all! And so grateful for the update!! 😘

  4. What made you go to the hospital? Promise continues to pray for Little.

    • thebluehutch says:

      She had been complaining that her stomach hurt for ages and recently her coloring changed, her face was swollen a couple days ….something was just WRONG!!

  5. Sandie Weise says:

    Thanks for this detailed update. I love how your positive attitude and your humor come through! My thoughts and prayers for Little, you and your family.

  6. Barbara Botts says:

    Becky, thank you so much for sharing Little’s update. Thanking God for technology which keeps us together when we are far away. Dearly love Little and your precious family and praying for the love of Jesus Christ to surround each of you and for Little’s total recovery.

  7. Julia Simpson says:

    Thanks for the update. The Kicks always have an adventure and a story to tell. I giggled when the sibs related Little’s heart with the Grinch’s!! Sending healing vibes throught the universe for Little and even more to you to keep up your strength and mental energy as you travel this new path. Much love and affection.

  8. ELIZABETH RAY says:

    Thanks so much for the update… I continue to pray..

  9. stephhw says:

    Thank you for taking time to write this email! I know you probably have a lot on you to keep up with, so thank you. We are praying for you and love you. Wish we lived closer so we could hug in person!

  10. Marie Bradford says:

    I’m praying for you and your sweet Little and the whole family!!


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