Starting the New Year Right (?)

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My favorite thing about a new year is the idea of a clean slate.  I love making a plan, setting new goals, and breathing in the possibility of success. Even though the only difference between today and yesterday is 24 hours, I feel like there is the promise of new things … starting over … a clean slate.

As I have gotten older I now approach the new year with an undercurrent of realism.  The dream of  “starting anew” is tempered by the deep understanding that I WILL fail. I might have the plan to spend time with God every day, journal my deep and life-changing thoughts daily, and spend less time online but the truth is that I will NOT do that all 365 days of 2018. It’s a truth that I hate but must come to grips with.

And so, to demonstrate my maturity and depth of self-awareness I began 2018 by doing NONE of the things I have laid out in my goals for the new year. I did a puzzle with my family. I watched a few episodes of Psych. I cooked a turkey. I guess we could say that I failed early.


You know how people like to pick words for the year ahead— a word that summarizes what they want their year to be about and how they want to live?  I think it’s a GREAT idea and love how it gives focus and direction.  I have chosen a word for 2018 and it is the purposely ambiguous term: “Forward.” There’s freedom for my plans to change, my goals to morph, my dreams to grow . . . There’s acceptance that every day will not be perfect and go according to plan … it captures what I really want from my year: I just want to end the year further along then I start it!  I want to know Jesus better, I want to be living more faithfully, I want to have helped my kids grow, I want to have a better relationship with my husband, I want to have developed my gifts … I want to move FORWARD.

I have set myself up for success: I started the year with a fail! I have documented it here so that I can see my progress. And every day I will start anew with a thankful heart ’cause His mercies are new too.


Forward into 2018!

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1 Response to Starting the New Year Right (?)

  1. Debbie says:

    Yay for a great start to 2018!! I love your word for the year :).


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