Teacher Gifts

10405280_723331597750838_3369404051285579195_nThis week is teacher appreciation week at our kids’ schools.  I LOVE teacher appreciation week and get involved with all the cooking and planning done by the PTO, but I have to admit, I love putting together personal gifts for my kids to give as well. We’ll wait and give them out at the end of the year though.

I have enough friends who are teachers that I try to be extra careful with the gifts I give. I want the gift to be fun, functional, and personal and I need the gifts to be affordable. As a Jamberry Consultant, I have been trying to think of cute ways to present the teachers with nail wraps; I’ve come up with a few cute ideas.

Most teachers would LOVE a Mani/Pedi for a teacher gift but at approximately $30 that is steep for the mother of three kids. Each sheet of Jamberry wraps has enough wraps for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures at the price of $15 – that is doable. Just buy one sheet, cut it in half and give each teacher the Mani/Pedi we spoke of earlier.   The sheets break down like this: 10904578_10152690545498541_6818431378773792518_oSo, a basic idea would involve just the wraps and I have created a few cute card options to use. I’m going to use a few myself but I am going to offer them on my website for customers who buy wraps this month!

Great year? Great teacher? Nailed it!

Thanks for being a Jamazing teacher:
This year’s a wrap:


You could always go the “extra mile” and add another little goody to the mix. This little manicure kit is $4 and could be paired with a sheet of Jams:IMG_1325

Or you can get a pair of flip flops in your teacher’s favorite color (and a beach towel?) and pair it with Jams to match!IMG_1324

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