Spring Break 2015 – Days 3-5

The biggest difference between Spring Break in Fort Collins and Spring Break in St. Louis became evident on Day 5. After spending Day 3 running errands and eating at Red Robin (Yumm!) and Day 4 in our jammies all day, we headed to Denver on Friday to go to the Aquarium. THEY WANT YOU TO PAY!SB2015 - Denver Aquarium

That’s right, folks, after 12 years of living in a city where the most amazing zoo, beautiful museums, and gorgeous parks are all free. . . it was a shock. We went through – we took our time – we enjoyed what we saw – we got there at 10 AM – we were done before lunch. SB2015 - Lily with jellies

Little loved the little tiny jellyfish.

SB2015 - Shark

We spent AGES watching the sharks.

SB2015 - Thomas with stingray

There were jellyfish to pet. They came up to us and lept up to nudge our hands. So fun. KB would have nothing to do with it. I told her she had touched them before back home but she didn’t remember and I’m not sure she believed me.
(I showed her a picture when we got home. )

SB2015 - Aquarium MermaidsThe one thing KB wanted to do was see the mermaid show – we missed it. BUT we happened to be in the right place at the right time and got to meet them. They wore special necklaces so they could breathe out of the water.

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