Happenin’ At The Hutch

1. Today I talked on Facetime to the same person for 3 hours and 22 minutes. I haven’t done that since high school. It was great for both of our hearts.  #notasgoodformytodolist

2. Little woke up on Sunday unable to feel her middle finger or straighten it. We loosened her sling and waited but nothing changed – we were given instructions to see a doctor. She already had her Easter dress on so we just headed out. We sat in the waiting room and she watched the story of the crucifixion and resurrection on my iPad; she narrated the entire time. “And Jesus died on the cross for AAAALLLL our sins . . . . because of His great love for us. . . . . He is risen . . . Hallelujah!” The entire room was listening. It made me miss my daddy. Was thinking he would have LOVED to hear that story. #whyIdowhatIdo #somyLittlecansayyestoJesus

3. I made soup in my Blendtec tonight. SO AMAZING! #pourandblend #wheredidtheoniongo

4. IMG_1133Bubba saw this picture over my shoulder today and heard me giggle. He asked, “Is it funny because they should be switched?” #nosonthatsnotit

5. Little might have a special brain, but it’s AMAZING how she just knows how to milk this broken arm.  “Mooom, can I ___________________ because I have a broken arm?”  “Please help me __________________ because I have a broken arm. #originalsin #maybeshesbornwithit

6. I’m going to Birmingham for the weekend. WOO HOO. My dear friend, April is turning 40! and I am going down to celebrate with her. Honey will be home alone with the kids – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you prayed for him *smile*. #whilemommysaway #knownherhalfherlife58231_467643455916_6230767_n

7. I’m selling Jamberry Nails. KB works for me – she stamps my letters. She is having a party in a few weeks for all the girls in her class and their mommies. I’m excited and terrified – she is just excited. We did her nails last night to start stirring up some interest. Ba-Bam! #polishdonebechippin’  #wrapisjamaZingIMG_1134

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