Heard Around the Hutch

1. R5
(it’s a band, Mom)

2. We were riding in the van and listening to a Christian radio station. KB chimes in from the backseat, “This song is either about Jesus or a girl.” From the mouths of babes. . .

3. “Today at school I was telling Kale things he could do that would make girls like him. He said they were good ideas and I told him, ‘That’s why they call me (whispering) the love whisperer’.” I whispered back, “Nobody calls you that.”

4. I have been telling KB that “Kisses are for family” ever since Chris Rogers planted one on her in preschool. Yesterday Bubba said, “Mom, you know that kisses aren’t just for family, right? But it’s gross unless you are a teenager.” I said, “If you are a Kicklighter then kisses are for family.”

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