October Came and Went

I can’t believe that it is December and I never processed through our October. It was a good month – full of friends and fun. I loved almost every day of October.

KB and Bubba’s school had a fund-raiser called a Fall Festival.P1000625 Each class was responsible for a game with little prizes or activities for kids to participate in and each of these cost tickets (1-3 tickets each). If you pre-bought your tickets you got a cut on the price but the brilliance of the plan was that the tickets didn’t go far and there was someone at the door selling more!! You can see that we had a great time.
P1000624We had a visit from my dear friend, Debbie.P1000632Debbie’s husband is one of the coolest men I know and he is always kind about sending her out to see me. She stayed four days and it was wonderful. We sewed curtains, went grocery shopping, and TALKED ourselves to death. It was nice since we had been here just long enough for me to realize I didn’t know ANYONE.

Then my sweet friend Caroline flew out.photo (5)Caroline brought her newborn and stayed less than 48 hours AND IT WAS AWESOME. It was hard to tell if the kids were more excited about the baby or the photos she brought from home.photo (3)P1000640It was a busy month at school too.  Bubba had a special project due: a competition for Lego and Mo Willems. The competition required the student to either write a new ending to one of Mo Willems’ pigeon books or write a new pigeon story. Once the writing was complete the student needed to illustrate the story with Legos.  Bubba wrote a story called The Funky Pigeon and the title slide of the Powerpoint presentation looked like this:Funky PigeonAwesome, right? The pigeon and the goomba under a disco ball – seriously! The story got pretty silly, if I am honest, but I was proud of him for doing the work and finishing the project. This might be one of my favorite things he has done at school since we got here.

The other thing the kids do at school is a major part of the curriculum called Paragon. You can read about it here. If I understand it correctly, this is the social studies curriculum and I’m going to give you an eye full of what I think about it. The kids love it . . . the lessons are interspersed with singing, dancing, drama, art – what’s not to love. I just don’t believe the things they are learning are the right things.

Everyone in the school is learning in the same time period of history but focusing on different parts of the globe. This past month KB’s grade looked at ancient Greece and Bubba’s grade looked at China during the same years. A month is spent focusing on each time period and then there is a program in the evening where the kids do a presentation for the parents and demonstrate what they have learned. Below you see KB dressed for her play as an ancient Greek and Bubs is dressed in red for China.IMG_0015The first month KB learned about cavemen and Bubba learned about the early culture of India; this lead to so many crazy and amazing conversations about our world view – you wouldn’t believe it. I grieved the loss of our precious KDS and the Biblical Worldview my kids were receiving there, at the same time I was taking my kiddos to the scripture to read what we know to be true as it compares with what they were being told. It was challenging mentally and emotionally.

The second month KB learned about Hercules and the Greek gods. Yep.  In the play she presented she was Hercules earthly mother (for Pete’s Sake!!!!!). Bubba learned about the early years of China and the teachings of Confucius. Great. IMG_0011This month KB is learning about the middle ages. I have heard about The Plague and Robin Hood. Bubba is learning about the silk road/silk route.

So, our second full month in Colorado was a full one. KB’s birthday and Halloween took up the last week and added a lot more excitement.  I’ll write about them next, but for now I will let you catch your breath. I’ll leave you with this thought as I close. . .10435987_790704997628196_3966974419551894598_n




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    Such a wonderful blog for a Memom, full of good info she would enjoy knowing about. Thanks.


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