Thanksgiving in Retrospect

Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday – isn’t that horrible? Traditionally it is such a food holiday and, while I love turkey, I have a “take it or leave it” feeling about the rest. My kids don’t enjoy the parade, so we don’t typically watch. We haven’t been near family in so long, that aspect of the day is a bust. Except for the true emphasis of the day (giving thanks for God’s provisions) I am a party pooper. I am thankful Charles Dickens didn’t write a novel about it all or I would constantly be compared to Auntie Scrooge.

Our family has done our best to adapt and make the day work for us. In St. Louis we had found our precious diner and made that our traditional haunt. Last year we added a Disney film to the mix. It’s been nice but this year we have found ourselves in a new town and at a crossroads of sorts – a time to regroup and reconsider the direction our family Thanksgivings are going. We thought. We talked. We decided to spend another year doing the same stuff.

Finding a cute place to eat was a challenge.  Living in a small college town doesn’t afford for many options. The campus has cleared off and all the families in the small family town are breaking bread together in their small homes. We ended up making reservations at a place called C.B. & Potts – it ended up being high on the bar and short on the family dining area, but they put us down and away and it ended up being nice. Honey got a HUGE and typical Thanksgiving dinnerll

I had a turkey sandwich and the kids were able to have their nuggets/grilled cheese/mac-n-cheese.IMG_0168IMG_0166

Everybody shared three things they are thankful for and we tried to be a blessing to our precious waitress who was working on a holiday.

We headed out to see Big Hero 6. In St. Louis we had to “fight” for a seat but yesterday we had a room to choose from.kk

I spent two hours on the phone with my mom and then we had creme brulee french toast for dinner. It was AWESOME. Seriously, I want to got make it again now. You should try it – 15 min. of prep before bed and into the oven when you wake.  It was pretty and yummy.

So, we had a good day. We took the traditional yearly photo, cleaned up all the fall decorations to make room for Christmas’ arrival today, and had a snuggle party before bedtime. That will be my favorite memory of the day; that and talking to my niece and nephew in their car.KB fest

P1000735I hope your day was all you hoped it would be. I hope it was full of people you love (whether in person, on the phone, or over Facetime), food you enjoy, and snuggles. Everybody needs snuggles.

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1 Response to Thanksgiving in Retrospect

  1. Debbie says:

    Glad you had a fun day! I love the pictures! I love Thanksgiving food (turkey is ok, but I LOVE all the yummy casseroles), but the favorite part of my kids’ dinner was the mac and cheese and rolls. Not sure they are going to outgrow it one day :).


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