School Photos

My friend, Caroline, posted on Instagram that her sons’ school pictures perfectly depicted their personalities. My three? Their school pictures perfectly convey the image we are trying to convey; just look at the calm, smiling faces. *wink*

IMG_4579.JPG .

My kids’ responses to their pictures better display their true selves:

Firstborn: “Oh, Little you look so pretty!!” Response, ” yes, I do.”

Son: “Oh, Bubba, I love it! What a handsome picture! Such a great smile.” Response, ” Thanks, mom. It is much better than the one I took last year but when I was four I was much cuter with my glasses.”

Baby: “KB, I just love how it turned out. What a perfect smile! You are such a pretty girl.” Response, “I like it but my hair is a little crazy pants.”

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1 Response to School Photos

  1. Debbie says:

    They turned out GREAT!


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