Saturday, June 14

Daddy’s away and so I figured we should play.  The slow start to our morning was wonderful and having children empty the garbage cans throughout the house was a real high for me.  The 75 degree weather was too much to ignore and so we headed out for the afternoon. First a picnic at a “new to us” park.picnicWe laughed and danced a bit and then made eyes at each other.eyesAfter lunch was over we went across the street to check out a gigantic sculpture called “The Awakening”.  Apparently a man is waking up and coming out of the ground.  The kids kept saying it was “freaking them out” so I staged a few photos to make it even more fun. . . I call this one “Wrapped Around His Finger”.wrapped around her fingerAnd this on is called “Right on the Nose”onthe noseAnd then there is, “Shin Sprints”:shin sprintAnd lastly, “Stepping on His Toes”:step on his toesAll this silliness was followed up with an hour on the playgroundplaygroundand then a trip to the librarylily library thomas reading KB readingfollowed by shakes at Sonic. It was fun, fun, fun.

One realization I had today was the effect of working full time and having Little in a school for special needs kids. . . I rarely see her interacting with your run-of-the-mill strangers and I am out of practice with dealing with the public’s reactions. I truly miss outings with my kids and their absence set me up for a shock today as I watched Little interacting with another ten year old on the swings.  How do I know she was ten? Well, Little asked her.

Little asked her name and age and then shared the same with her. Little sang and shared about her LeapPad Ultra and then made siren noises as she swung higher and higher.  I watched Riley, the ten year old, run over to her sister and laugh and repeat all Little had said. I was fully aware that they watched the next moves Little made and had a running commentary on each one.  They didn’t make too big of a deal. . . just soft and hushed, “Did you hear that?” and “Why is she acting like that?” and “What is wrong with her?”. It’s the first time in a long time that I had to do a real gut-check and chose my response for her sake and His glory.

It was a sadness and a highlight of the day.  Our Little is truly something else.  Completely unaware that anything was being said about her, I watched as Riley tried to jump and swing on a hanging bar apparatus and missed.  She made a second attempt to the sound of my little girl calling out, “You can do it, Riley! You can do it!” It made my choice for interacting with this little girl an easy one: when Riley did grab the bar and swing, I joined my Little in saying, “Good job, Riley!” My hope is that Riley will one day think that maybe it’s not that something is wrong with that little girl on the playground, but maybe there is something right about the way that little girl cares for people.

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4 Responses to Saturday, June 14

  1. Uncle Andy says:

    Great post from first to last.

  2. Debbie says:

    You are such a great mom!!!

  3. Regan Luthin says:

    Oh my goodness! You made me cry. I love our sweet Little and how God has blessed her with such a gift for encouragement and affirmation!


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