Camp- Week 2 Concludes

kiddosI picked up Little from camp today and she was excited to tell me jokes and tales of her day.  It was truly fun and another first for this mom. By the time we had traveled the 30-plus minutes to pick up her siblings, Little was nodding off – exhausted.

When I picked up KB she was wearing the face of a lion.  She talked non-stop for ten minutes straight and then nodded off in her seat.

Bubba was the last to be retrieved today and he had a face covered in snow cone remnants.  True to his temperament he slowly, steadily, and methodically told me all he did today, what he wanted to eat for snack and dinner, and what his choice activities were for the evening. He showed no sign of being tired until he was sent to his bed and, once he was kissed goodnight, he fell immediately to sleep.

Little has one more day of camp; tomorrow she will do a ribbon dance in a talent show. KB and Bubba have the privilege of a quiet day split between a favorite sitter and their mother who loves them so much.  It’s a good ending to a crazy and good week.

Lord willing.

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1 Response to Camp- Week 2 Concludes

  1. Debbie says:

    It HAS been quite a week! So glad your kids have had fun at camp and what a great surprise for your Honey!


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