Camp Westminster

kidsThis is Little’s third year of dance camp and she loved it more this year than ever before.  She learned the dance and performed it perfectly at home . . . at her performance she was VERY distracted by her name tag. readyShe hung in there, though, and ended on the last beat . . . not the least bit worried about what anyone thought – or where anyone else was!Lily dances I am very proud of my little and LilyKB opted for soccer camp this year because she wants to be a better player in the fall but, after seeing Little practice at home, asked me to contact the camp office and ask them to schedule the soccer and dance camps at different times next year. Bubba has no interest in playing soccer at school but went to soccer camp and was a good sport.  He just enjoyed being with his friend Jimmy and learning . . . that boy loves learning.

Our Luthin friends weren’t at camp this year and it was a week of getting used to doing things Luthinless. (The Luthins are moving in a week but we won’t speak of that yet.) Caroline W., having just had baby #4 (see previous post) wrote and reminded me to get a photo of our kids together.  I am so glad she did because it gave me leverage to get everyone to stand still, “It’s for your mommy since she can’t be here!”WackKickL on the Left wouldn’t smile, but at least I got him to look at me!

First week of summer finished with a bang – literally.  I went out and got everyone into the van.  I was pulling out of my parking spot and “BANG” – another lady’s minivan had collided with mine.P1000135I would quickly argue that it was she who hit me since her car was moving and I only hit inanimate objects . . . but in parking lots it is most often ruled a mutual fault situation and we are both responsible for our own bumpers. What a month, eh?

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