Sweet Baby Jane

No picture from yesterday.  I worked.  The kids went to the library with a sitter and played at the park with the sitter.  After work I took Little to the doctor and they took pictures of her lungs but not pictures that I could post, SO no picture from yesterday.

I worked again today. My son greeted me after work with the calm phrase, “I am glad I get to see you again, mom.”  Nice.

I scooped all the kids into the van after work and we headed to the local hospital to visit our friend who just gave birth to her fourth child and first daughter.  Little has done nothing but talk about Mrs. Wacker’s baby for months and I think Caroline was as excited to see Little with her newborn as I was to hold the newborn.  As my “luck” would have it, the phone didn’t actually take the photo of Little holding Baby Jane.  It was adorable.  Take my word for it.  It did capture my sweet friend Caroline (who looks 23 in this photo, for Pete’s sake!)


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