Untitled-3 copyYesterday at church Bubba and KB were waiting with me in the church Commons and their Spanish teacher was registering for our upcoming women’s retreat.  When she finished she turned to them and teased, “Now, Bubba and KB, I don’t think you should come to school tomorrow.  Just stay home and . . . oh, that’s right! It’s Martin Luther King Day! We don’t even have school!!”

KB giggled but Bubba’s responded (in his monotone way), “I know we do not have school.  Two years ago on Martin Luther King Day I zipped my first Ziploc.”

I didn’t think I heard him correctly, so I asked, “Did you say zipper?”

He answered, “No. Ziploc bag.”

Now, this will make you love his Spanish teacher whether or not you know her. She didn’t miss a beat but said, “Well, maybe tomorrow you can help your mom put something away and make sure to zip another Ziploc bag for your anniversary. That could be special.” So. Awesome.

I am gong to make that happen, I tell you.
And whether you are zipping Ziploc bags or playing games together on a day off school . . . I hope your Monday is a sweet one.

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2 Responses to MLK DAY

  1. Andy Cheely says:

    Never question The Bubba!

  2. Debbie says:

    Hope he got to celebrate the anniversary in a special way :). Hope you all enjoyed the day off!


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