Getting Back to “Normal” & Getting in the Spirit

After a week of snow days and late starts last week, Bubba showed up at my work desk Thursday morning in tears.  He had just arrived at school for “weird snow scheduled day #4” and his need for routine finally had his coping skills down for the count.  The words coming out of his mouth hardly made sense,
“Daddy keeps bringing us to school at 9:30 instead of 8:15” sob, sob
“I know we have late start but why can’t the gym be open?”sob, sniff
“I don’t want anymore snow” sob, hiccup ”
“Will the snow be gone tomorrow?”collapse into my hug
And here is where you southerners say together, “BLESS HIS HEART”, and say it you should. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Seriously, last week with its 10-12 inches of snow and -6 degree temps (wind chill -20F) was a rough week and since it came on the day everyone was excited to return to school, it made it even rougher to adjust; you know, hope deferred and all. BUT, as always, the Lord is good and we made it through to 60+ degrees yesterday and barely a trace of snow on the ground.  Welcome to the Gateway City!

Since we are getting back into a routine here, I thought I would post pictures reflecting on us getting into the Christmas spirit. My mom still hasn’t seen Christmas pictures and so other readers will have to be patient this week.  Thankfully my kids are cute so there’s that for those of you who aren’t related to us. *wink

I don’t think I put a single ornament on the tree this year – a first.  KB is finally old enough to really help and her love for design came in handy to make sure everything was evenly dispersed.  It was Bubba’s year to put the angel on the treetop. ????????????????????????????????????????????

Later on I came into Bubba’s room and found Honey telling the Christmas story and Bubba and KB on the bed acting it out with their stuffed animals.  Adorable.  If you look in the photo below you see that there were in the same city Elmo, bunnies, and puppies keeping watch over their flocks by night and they went and found baby ducky wrapped in bubble wrap and lying on a mattress.  Pinky Pie and the other dog followed the star in the East and showed up a bit late. So great.?????????????????????

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