Who Said That?

  1. “Mom, you know how I went through that book and circled everything I want for Christmas? Well, please really get me that guitar because I want to write a song that will make me famous one day.”
  2. I was telling the kids that their Pop didn’t learn phonics when he was in school and this child threw their hands up in the air and said, “We have a Daddy who can’t shuffle and a Pop who can’t sound out words.  What’s next??”
  3. Day One:  “Mommy, Emmy and I are planning to pretend to be every animal on Noah’s Ark during recess before school gets out.”  Me, “Awesome! Even a Praying Mantis?” The next week, “Mommy, Emmy and I are not going to pretend to be Praying Mantics. . . Praying Manthics. . .  because she can’t say it.”
  4. “I think D______ is so very handsome.  I have thought so ever since before Pre-K.”
  5. “Dear Jesus, Would you give Mr. Billy a safe trip in Afghanistan and would you let him come home safely on Thanksgiving?”
  6. Me: “I just love you so much and I wish I could take all your pains away.” ??: “Oh, Mom, I love you too but you KNOW only Jesus can do that.”


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1 Response to Who Said That?

  1. Anna says:

    She is awesome.


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