Where’d It Go???

ImageDon’t worry – I am perfectly aware that this is going to sound just like your mother.  I have decided to believe that the following observations just prove that I am maturing and have grown-up thoughts; I don’t just walk around making jokes and being cute.

The observation is this . . . for years the commercial start date for Christmas has gotten earlier and earlier and people have balked about the ridiculousness.  I too have been appalled by the RIP yard decor across from a NOEL door hanger at Walgreens, and this year I believe we took another leap away from what is good and right.  I guess I expect the world of sales to move on toward the holiday that, for the world, is all about spending, but I wasn’t anticipating Americans to turn their backs on Thanksgiving. (Yes, I am just that much of a Pollyanna.)

I don’t know how often you frequent McDonald’s, but this fall they had a pumpkin spice latte that rivaled Starbucks’.  Seriously – 1/3 the price and every bit as good.  It’s not new – they had the same drink last year and it was around until Thanksgiving.  This year it was gone by November 2. How do I know? I went by on the way to work and the drink was no longer offered.  Sheesh.

The Kicklighters are committed to celebrating one Holiday at a time. .  . take ’em as they come, we say and that has meant that we don’t move on to Starbucks’ Christmas drinks until after Thanksgiving. We don’t drink pumpkin until October and we only move on when the turkey and stuffing are in Rubbermaid.  It may seem silly to you, but in a world where no one waits for anything it is fun to have some anticipation and for something to feel special.  This year I am still waiting for my egg nog latte but some of the fun in waiting is gone.

It’s not just about coffee drinks, people.  What used to be “Black Friday – get up at 3 to line up” is now “Black Friday – but we are really opening at 5 on Thursday so line up after lunch” and “Black Friday – we are having pre-sales for two weeks before”.  The end of November is all about shopping now. . . I haven’t heard mention of Thanksgiving at all.

I am sad.

One little day of the year our country had set aside to be thankful – to focus on gratitude for what we already have – and the evil one has dealt us a lie and made that very day about wanting more than what we have.

Well, the folks at the Blue Hutch are digging in our heels and we are going to be thankful if it kills us.  We have our list on the fridge and we are focusing on how the Lord has blessed us in the past year and RIGHT NOW.  Some of the things that have popped up on our list? All the years we have lived in a nation that allows religious freedom, a good work ethic, Rainbow loom bracelets, rescheduled dentist appointments, good steak, Mr. Vogel, and much more.

I don’t know how you have been spending your month and I am not here to judge the individual, but I am going to ask both of you to stop for a minute now and think.  What blessing have you received in 2013? What are YOU thankful for this year?

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4 Responses to Where’d It Go???

  1. Debbie says:

    For you and your post! We are filling our “Thankful Jar” with blessings to be read on Thursday and I loved singing Thanksgiving hymns at church yesterday. We are blessed, indeed, and I don’t want this week and season of thankfulness to slip by too quickly. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving–enjoy every bit of it! What are you doing for the holiday? We are heading GA with Will’s family this year.

  2. Anna says:

    I am going to go start a list on our fridge right now!

  3. Glenda Wood maybe Banks will identify me better. :) says:

    What a wonderful expression of our out of control lifestyle that is more or less being fashioned by a society that equates happiness with material possessions and a “more is better” mentality. Thanks so much for the words of wisdom. Glenda

  4. Shelley says:

    I am thankful for Olive Garden salad, breadsticks, and entrees shared with my good friend. My campaigner girls and I have had a group text going since last Thursday where we ping each other every night with one or two things we’re thankful for that day. I’m with you, sister. Long live Thanksgiving!


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