Tim Hawkins and Promise

Tim Hawkins returned for a Promise Christian Academy fundraiser.  He is one funny man and, while he did a lot of the same bits as last year, I laughed so hard I thought I would cry.  My mom came for the weekend just so she could go with us and my dear friend, Regan, went too.  Hearing these two women laugh just added to the fun.

Little was, of course, part of the entertainment again this year.  Not a nervous bone in her body, she got all dressed up and hurried us right out the door.????????In the middle point of the evening Tim took a break and the Promise kids took the stage.  They sang “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands” and I cried the entire time.  One of the daddy’s shared how Promise has affected their son and family as a whole and I cried some more.  No one can be exposed to this crowd and not be affected.

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4 Responses to Tim Hawkins and Promise

  1. Debbie says:

    Great picture of Little! I know the Promise kids were the true stars of the evening! Sounds fun :).

  2. mrs. barron says:

    Promise students and families are incredible!!!!!! It is such a blessing to be a part of Little’s life. Looked like a great time! Marlene

  3. Julia says:

    DAve Nolda wanted to know why we were not invited this year!?

  4. Monica says:

    Very cool! What a guy, that Tim! And how about those kids!! Love them too! 🙂


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