Baby Elephant


Over the summer there was a baby elephant born at our zoo.  This is not the first time but last year I never made it to the zoo while the animal was still a baby and I wanted to see this one! We made plans for a picnic and planned it for one Friday night so we could leisurely listen to the weekly  scheduled band play too.  Magical planning! We were going to mark three things off our summer list in one big bang and, as a working mom, that is more valuable than I can communicate.

Turned out it we were late, it rained, and we had the opportunity to meet friends so we didn’t sit near the band (so we could hear each other talk).  We DID see the baby elephant, though.  I was just thrilled.  My kids were less than impressed.
????????I used my sister as inspiration for a photo (Aunt Anna would love to see that baby elephant. . .and you guys) and then I turned into that mom saying, “I am 42 and I have never seen a baby elephant! You guys are all under 10 and you have seen a baby elephant! Do you realize what a privilege we have to live near such a wonderful zoo where we can come any day for free and see such amazing things? blah blah blah.” They didn’t even flinch – I am sure it’s just food for therapy one day.

Enough about me. . . isn’t that a precious baby elephant?

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2 Responses to Baby Elephant

  1. Tammy Moore says:

    Well, Miss Becky….I just read backwards from your last blog to February 28th, Little’s birthday. Obviously, I need to get a life….I might take yours! Haha! After reading all about you and yours, here is what I think:
    -50 year old me thinks you are awesome.
    -Your babies are precious.
    -Your Honey is amazing.
    -Your extended family is a treasure.
    -I love reading your blog….you are witty, honest, and charming.
    I’ll be back to visit The Blue Hutch again soon! Love you! Tammy Saunders Moore

  2. Anna says:

    Aunt Anna says thank you!! I immediately started singing the elephant song from Jungle Book with the little baby elephant at the end of the line, holding his mom’s tail. Love it!

    Oh, and the kids are cute too.


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