Harses Harses Harses

Outside of family, THIS was what I looked most forward to about going south.????????

Memom told us that she wasn’t making a lot of plans but if there was something we wanted to do that she would set it up.  Well, riding horses with the cousins has become a staple and I contacted Mom right away and asked for it to be added to the agenda.

Most of the kids were old enough to ride alone this time and KB and Little were gracious about having friends in the saddle with them.  I get a lot of joy from watching our Little interact with animals and horses are a real favorite of hers.  Thanks Memom and Pop for this special treat.Horses

My girlies with my daddy:????????

My mom and my older sister (in-law):????????

Just for fun, look what I found:KB on a horse

THomas on the horse

KB on the horse copy

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2 Responses to Harses Harses Harses

  1. Debbie says:

    Keep the posts coming! I am loving this!!

  2. Anna says:

    Fun pics! I hate I missed the whole thing.


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