Parenting, Politics, and the Mouths of Babes

Earlier in the week we were driving to school in the close quarters of the Porter truck. Little was with us on this rare occasion because her daddy had a breakfast date and I was delivering everyone to school in shifts.  The radio was on and the lady was reading  the news. . . something about our government expanding our debt ceiling until February don’t get me started.  Good parenting would probably see me talking calmly about what we were hearing.  Apparently, I am not a good parent.

I had a bit of an explosion  and just yelled out, “Our leaders are selfish and sinful men making terrible decisions because they want to make a name for themselves and are too proud to admit they might have been wrong before.  I KNOW God says for us to honor them because they are our authority and their place of leadership did NOT take Him by surprise, but I just don’t know how to do that when we are being led by such selfish and sinful men.”

There was silence and the Bubba said, “Do these men work for Obama in the capitol building?”

Before I could answer him Little spoke wistfully while looking out the window and up at the sky, “Maybe it would be better if we just all go up to heaven beyond the clouds.”

From the mouth of babes – – -maybe I’m not so bad a parent after all!

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