This is our youngest. . . ShaNaNa (blog name).  I remember her brother playing with that toy.  Sheesh.  She wasn’t around a lot during the trip and it made me sad.  She isn’t getting any younger. . .???????? ????????

EJ and Bubba are two peas in a pod – seriously.  Thomas was so excited about seeing her and they picked right up where they left off two years ago.  ????????

AB and KB are two peas from another pod.  KB wanted to spend every moment possible with her older cousin and AB took advantage . . . teaching her new things by the moment.


Pop threw the ball around with Bubba which made them both happy.


Check out the concentration on KB’s face when she and EJ had what looks like target practice.


Memom and KB are taking that bubble blowing very seriously.


EJ and Little share a little down time on the couch.


You can see where I get my affinity for dressing my kiddos alike.  Memom bought the girls look-a-like dresses and they wore them on our visit to a nearby assisted living facility to visit a family friend.  The kids sang in English and Chinese and made Mrs. Cook’s day.


We learned a new card game called “trash” too.  All this time with playmates leaves a soul  very tired.   See what I mean. . .


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1 Response to Cousins

  1. Julia says:

    I so love the face-plant on her leap frog!


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