Endings and Beginnings – Part 3

I should finish up May and tell you the big news I said I would tell you a week (or two) ago.  At least you would then know why I am not very present here on the blog.  I miss the blog.  *sigh*

After school was finished, there was still the business of a ballet recital.  KB’s class danced to “I Feel Pretty” and looked pretty doing so.


KB has declared that she would much rather play soccer or be a “singing star” over taking ballet next year, but there was no doubt that she enjoyed the time with friends that this year afforded.????????

And now for my news.  May was made more complicated and stressful when I was approached about a job in our church’s administrative office.  One of the assistants was moving to Atlanta upon her husband’s graduation from seminary and they had found no one for the job – was I remotely interested in learning more? I laughed, said “Sure, but I have three small kids at home!”, and proceeded to think through all the things that would have to fall into place for me to even consider the job in question.

I have to say that going to work full time was not a plan of mine but I feel like this happened TO me and has our Father’s fingerprints all over it.  I have always thought that if I were to work, a job at our church is just what I would want.  I loved the thought of helping people I already care about; people both my husband and I were already invested in together; administrative duties are right up my alley and require that very little work be taken home when the clock is punched at day’s end.  The specific job in question involved assisting the Director of Women’s Ministry, our Teaching Pastor, and the Pastor of Congregational Care and would allow me to use so many of my gifts and talents.

Honey was on board from the beginning and everything seemed to be so perfect if it were not for those three little lives that I am called to shepherd, train, feed, and more.  When the office Administrator asked for my thoughts, I laid out just what I would be able to give – part time in the summer and school hours during the school year.  Within 24 hours I was offered the job and I started training two days later.????????????????????????????????????Untitled-1I’m in my second full week and so far so good. The kids have had camps in the morning and I have been able to spend the afternoon with them at home. Honey has been wonderful to take morning prep so that I can go in early and, in turn, leave the office early. It has been good so far.

One of the blessings that I have already experienced is the hour I am in the office before the rest of the church staff arrives. I am keeping the devotional book Jesus Calling in my desk and have been able to spend a few minutes reading God’s Word and Sarah Young’s works in the quiet of the morning.  It has been SO LONG since I have had such consistent time and the Lord has met me and spoken to my heart from the pages of those books.

We would appreciate any and all prayers. This is a real big change for us and my heart tends to struggle over the fact that, once again, my plan was NOT His plan.  Please pray that when my kids look back at this time they would see it as a marker in their spiritual growth and that my going to work was used to help them willingly obey the Lord even when His plan looks different from their own.  Please pray that I would be able to be a good wife to my husband with this additional pull on my heart and time.  And pray that my older brain can catch on quickly to the necessary tasks – nothing makes a girl feel old like learning a new computer program on a Mac after consistently “being” a PC.

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2 Responses to Endings and Beginnings – Part 3

  1. Julia says:

    Awww, I would have really wanted to see her ballet recital! I still remember having my dance recitals and going out for Baskin-Robbins afterwards (mint cc was my favorite). Glad you took the leap of faith and started working again. You are a creative type so the MAC will come to you and you will love it!

  2. mrs. barron says:

    I am so excited for you in this new adventure!!! Your desk looks stunniing!!!! I know you will use Flylady to help keep it neat and organized!!! What a great experience! Jesus Calling is so timely each and every day. Blessings to you!! Give hugs to all for me!


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