Endings and Beginnings – Part 2

School ended early for the younger two kiddos.  The week before summer break began, there was Spirit Week and Field Day.  MY STARS – what a big hoopla!

There was “silly hat or hair “day:????????

There was “duct tape and aluminum foil” day:????????

There was “mustache” day:????????

And “dress like your favorite character” day:
(Bubba dressed as Phineas. . . complete with a thought bubble that read, “I know what we’re going to do today!” Can’t find the photo.)

Blue and Green day (field day) was rained out and postponed until the next week.  When Tuesday rolled around, it was as if someone had spilled school spirit from a bucket onto the lawn!??????????????????????????????????


The Blue Hutch bunch are on the green team. . . this year’s winning team.  Super fun.

School got out two days later and Regan and I decided we would really be big hits with our kids if we took them out to eat ice cream for lunch.  Turns out that just before 15 people arrived at an ice cream shoppe that wasn’t serving for another hour, I went in and asked the owner to open early.  He did and we had a blast!!!???????? ???????? ????????

And now, as Alice Cooper would say, “School’s Out For Summer!!”

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