Stuff I Missed in the Rush – Valentines

My friend Jackie posted an article on Facebook that made me uncomfortable. (Link to article is found in comments) The article was written by a lady discussing the celebration of holidays and the extreme that families around her go to.  I agreed with all that she was saying – how silly to have traps for leprechauns and some of the plans for Easter are too much.  THEN she had to go and discuss Valentines Day.  I started to feel my eye twitch.

I have always disliked Valentines Day for a myriad of reasons; only in recent years have I thought it a bit fun.  I think it is fun to create the valentines cards and attach some candy.  I hadn’t thought much about the extravagance of it until this lady called it the “new halloween” and I took pause.  Oh Yeah! We did only give little cards when we were growing up.

Thankfully I didn’t read the article until AFTER we had done Valentines this year. . . they were so cute and the kids did a great job on them.  Everyone gave bubble gum with notes that read, “i chews you” on the inside.



The kids were in charge of the outsides.  I gave them their class picture to look at so that no one was forgotten, and then they went to town drawing each classmate on the outside.


Didn’t he do great? ADORABLE.

Next year we’ll just do cards with no candy. . . maybe?

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5 Responses to Stuff I Missed in the Rush – Valentines

  1. mrs. barron says:

    In this world of too much, spending a great deal of time making cards and simply saying you are important! In my opinion, it has become a speedy process. However, taking a bit of time and love is just what this world needs!!! Keep at it girl! And, there are those of us that are not artistically gifted……so a special card means the world!!! It seems to me that love and relationship are the hardest to convey. Great job on Valentine’s Day! Love you much! Mrs. Barron

  2. Coralie says:

    do you have the link to that article? I was looking for it, and couldn’t find it. (I bet it surprises you that I wanted that one. 🙂 )

  3. 3littlemen says:

    I agree with Mrs. Barron. Taking the time to make a homemade card can never be a bad thing! Buying up every pre-made card and candy goody bag is not what you’re about. So continue on teaching your kiddos to take the time to love well and make others feel special. Really, you’re just sharing your love language with them, because this is certainly something you do really well, my friend! You are not adding to the commercialization one teeny bit, in my humble opinion.

  4. Debbie says:

    Those cards are great! He did do a super job! I am always amazed at how much candy comes home from school with my kids on V’day, but at least I get to enjoy some of it, too :).


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