Christmas 2012 – Take Two

The rule was explained that no one was to come out of their rooms until we came to get them.  That was the rule.  Any other day of the year our children would have ALL been awake before 6:00AM – Christmas or not.  This Christmas our first present came at 6:30 when Little woke us up after having SLEPT LATE! We gave her a “special brain” pass and let her crawl into bed with us for a bit before sending her down to tell her siblings they could come upstairs.

Turns out that the siblings were still asleep! Turns out the brother was sick.  Sickness wouldn’t keep him in bed, though, and it was only moments before everyone was up on the bed and wishing each other Merry Christmas in unique tones and cheerful voices.  ????????(Yes, Bubba kept his breathing strip on all day so that he could. . . breathe. Makes for crazy pictures but a somewhat happier child.)

Bubba read the Christmas story to us, we discussed the greatest gift ever given, and we sang O Come All Ye Faithful (Little’s favorite) and Joy to the World before taking a picture and heading downstairs. ????????????????

It was an okay morning. Bubba really didn’t feel well and it was obvious in his attitude. This was the first year that the kids were a bit stingy about presents and after hearing “When can I open another one” several times I declared a new plan. The next time someone asked when they could have another gift, EVERYONE would have to wait 15 min. before another gift was opened. Moments later Bubba said, “Mom, is there another gift for me? When can I open another one?” I threw my hands in the air and yelled, “15 MINUTES” and went to the kitchen to check on breakfast.????????

You may think I am evil but that was the last time Bubba asked about “More More More!” and 20 minutes later when KB said, “Mom, when can I have another present?” her brother had a fit and told her, “KB! Don’t ask that! 15 MINUTES!!!” Then it was over. Dealt with. Done. Thank you, Jesus!????????

Bubba got the chess set and Domino Race set that he wanted. KB was thrilled with her dollhouse and the Pretty Ponies that both of her siblings picked out for her. Little was thrilled to have a LeapPad2. (You can’t see her face in the photo because she kept jumping up and down and I couldn’t get her smile with the box flying around so.)????????????????

The day was nice. Lazy. Happy. Quiet. Nice. We had sandwiches for lunch and McDonalds for dinner. Awesome.

Funny that we planned our ways to have a storybook Christmas and the Lord directed our steps to have a Christmas for the story books.  Hope yours was wonderful too.

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2 Responses to Christmas 2012 – Take Two

  1. Dawn says:

    Love your stocking hanger! Was it sold as a stocking hanger or did you repurpose it from something else?


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