Christmas 2012

I just blogged half a page before I realized I already told you that we stayed home for Christmas and my parents came here. So, I’ll just start over and post the pictures my mom has been asking to see (even though she was there and already saw it all!)

When my parents decided to drive up for the shortest visit EVER, my dad texted the comment, “I don’t have an immune system and your mother is much more susceptible to getting sick.” My father’s medication messes with his immune system, his comment about my mother was age related, and both comments stressed me out. Both of my parents have gotten deathly sick on previous trips to St. Louis and I sorta worry that a trip to see my family is going to result in their death one day. So, I proposed a solution to my husband and he added a touch of festivity and we met my parents at the door with these:????????

The fact that the kids were going to get to open Memom and Pop’s gifts on Christmas Eve was mind-blowing and the excitement was at record levels. Here they are waiting for Pop to get things started:????????

Everyone opened something????????????????????????????????????????

and then my parents left.
It was that fast.
They were gone by 1:00 PM.

I am so glad that Christmas is about more than family and presents because if that was it, this holiday would have been tough.

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