Pinkalicious and Pinterest

It is almost ridiculous that I am posting this, but this birthday party was so clever that I was completely taken with it and wanted to share. A little girl in KB’s class turned four at the end of the summer and her mom was telling me that she had booked a cupcake place for the party. The way she talked about it made it seem like she hadn’t thought much about it but thought it was girly and was going to go from there. We got our invitation and I just figured KB would go and the people who run the place would run the party.


Abby was setting up when we arrived and everything was pink. I left KB, knowing that she would have a blast, and went to walk around Joann’s Fabric for an hour.

Turns out Abby had turned the cupcake party into a Pinkalicious party. Have you read Pinkalicious?

If you have a daughter under 8 then I am sure you have. For those of you with older kiddos or only little boys I will explain: The little girl loves pink and the book begins with her mother helping her to make cupcakes. They are icing them in her favorite color – – pink. She eats two and sneaks a third behind her mom’s back and wakes up pink.

So Abby read them the book and then they pinned a cherry on the cupcake and decorated their own cupcakes.


See the little basket of green on this table? This is the detail that pushed me over the edge about this party. So, at the end of the story the doctor tells Pinkalicious that she must eat only green things (veggies) and she will change back to her original color. All the little girls’ received favors to take home that included several little green items. Oh. My. Stars.

Abby says it’s all thanks to Pinterest. Now I know she’s a smart woman and probably not ALL ideas came from Pinterest, but it’s also true that a smart woman knows where to look to plan a precious birthday party. If there’s truly nothing new under the sun, why not go and get a little help with planning, right?

KB turns five next month and five is a party year at The Blue Hutch. I’m off to Pinterest to plan a precious party “of our own”.

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3 Responses to Pinkalicious and Pinterest

  1. mrs. barron says:

    Oh, I just can’t wait to read all about it!!! A and G have 14th party on Sat. night. We do every other year… it is so much fun!!!!!! Have a super weekend! Marlene

  2. Julia says:

    Ahhh, the color pink! I was so into pink & green when I was little that my room was pink with pink & white gingham curtains, bed linens & comforter with pink tulips bordering the intire room and yes wait for it…green shag carpeting! KB’s 5th birthday will be stellar with you at the helm planning the festivites.

  3. Debbie says:

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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