At My House

I just asked Little to put dead batteries in the charger while I put the ready ones in her Leapad and as she walked out of the room she said, “I’m going to ask Dad to do it because I am not 38 yet.” Now that’s reasoning I never thought to use.

Two weekends ago Bubba had a birthday party in a part of town that is about twenty minutes away. We were a little late leaving the house because little people were dawdling and once I got into the van I realized I had NO gas. Once we were on our way, with a full tank, Bubba started announcing the time to me like this. . .”Mom, the clock says 9:58. We are going to be late. How far is AbraKIDabra? The clock says 9:59.” Then came the kicker, “Could you find me a new mom who can get me to birthday parties on time?” I replied, “I’ll start looking.”

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend and lost track of time. I scooted down the hall to pick up Bubba and told him we would have to walk FAST because we still had to pick up Little and get to the doctor. Then I added, absentmindedly, “Mommy messed up. Again. Seems I do that quite a bit.” I hear a monotone, “yeah.” Nice. I added, “Guess it’s a good way for me to remember how much I need Jesus everyday.”

There was no Castle last night. Honey is teaching a class on Monday nights and I just couldn’t watch it without him. You may have heard my internal cries as the minutes passed and a friend even wrote to tell me she was watching. Do not write and tell me what happened and do NOT call my house tonight – I have a double date with Honey and Nathan Fillion.

What’s happening at your house?

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2 Responses to At My House

  1. mrs. barron says:

    Becky: I just love your insight. I finally feel like I have company. I only though my children noticed my oops moments!!! Yip, I am living proof that we need a savior!!! I am sitting her at church waiting for middle school worship to end. The girls turned 14 years old today. Somehow, I don’t feel any different from when they were placed in my arms! It is such a blessing to be a mother!!! I just LOVE it!!! Keep those words coming!!!! Have a restful evening.

  2. Debbie says:

    Bubba’s comments cracked me up :)!


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