Balloon Hockey

Every now and then I like to do things that make me feel like a good mom.  Seriously.  The day that I took the picture above it was 107 degrees outside (42C) and the kids had been watching a great deal of TV and some movement was needed.  I actually sat and thought about the decision before me and made a conscious choice to get up and gather some balloons so we could play.

I had seen an activity on Pinterest that was in my arsenal for Camp Luthinlighter but never got played so this occasion became the perfect occasion! To find out just what they did, go here.  (I love KB’s smile in this photo.)

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3 Responses to Balloon Hockey

  1. Memom says:

    I love Lily’s smile in this photo too!

  2. Debbie says:

    Definitely a “good mom” idea! I bet you will be using it again, since it was such a big hit!

  3. 3littlemen says:

    You ARE a good mom! And KB looks just like her mama in this picture! (:


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