Memom, Pop, and a Pool

My parents came for their yearly summer visit and it was so wonderful to have them here.    I had been given a simple request, they would like to take each child out individually and they would like me to get a sitter so the grown ups could go out sans the kiddos.  Other than that they wanted to spend time each day at the pool so the kiddos could swim.  I could swing that. . . and I did.

My daddy, “Pop”, is the best.  He played in the pool with the kids each day.  This was Littles very favorite part and my children will go to their graves associating visits with Pop and swimming pools.

This scene was vaguely familiar. . . I think I have one of a younger version of Pop throwing a younger version of me in my Grandpa’s pool.  KB LOVED it and wanted to be thrown over and over.

The kiddos had just finished swimming lessons and Little wanted to show her Daddy what she had learned: how to float “like a starfish”.  Give that girl a pair of water wings and she is content to troll the pool for the duration.  She did come alongside to let her daddy throw her too.  She mastered blowing out when she was above the water, but the skill completely left her once the water hit her face.  (We are signing up for more lessons this Fall.)

Daddy could do the starfish too. . .

You may be wondering where Bubba was during all this fun. . . right here with Memom.

He did try the pool for a little bit but it was just too tricky and the cast kept getting wet.  He was a good sport, mind you.

One day, Pop stayed out of the water and spent the entire swim time inside playing Checkers with Bubba.  It sure did help Bubs deal with the disappointment with swimming.  Now if we can help Pop deal with the disappointment of losing to a six year old!

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4 Responses to Memom, Pop, and a Pool

  1. Debbie says:

    Grandparents are the best!

  2. Kathy Cheely says:

    Is there such a word as “sans” and where are the pictures?

  3. It’s a fancy way of saying “without”. Since we moved to St. Louis, Becky’s gotten fancified.

  4. Amy sanders says:

    This makes me miss your parents!!


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