Week Four

Week Four was bible school at our church, a visitor for me, and Honey went to our church denomination’s yearly business meeting (this year in Louisville, KY).  Talk about BUSY!!!

The kids L.O.V.E.D everything about bible school and I LOVED having Monica here to catch up and to help things stay sane in Honey’s absence.  Honey had a good week in KY seeing a gazillion friends and sharing a meal with my parents.  Good times.

In true Becky fashion the week was structured and planned; of course this meant looking at our Summer To Do list and mapping out a few things to accomplish as the days passed.

1.  Bierne Park is tucked away in a neighborhood and the only reason we know about it is that Bubba’s Pre-K class went there at the end of school last year.  It is shady and fun and we’ll go back now that temperatures are closing in on 100.  2.  Root beer floats – Little was so excited to pour the root beer for everyone.  3.  New pajamas – everyone here keeps growing and I have been raiding the fabric stash and Goodwill t-shirt bin.  4.  One Saturday we pulled out the sofa bed and snuggled up to watch Madagascar.  Bubba wants to see Madagascar 3 this summer but we’ll have to wait and see what Dobson says.

Then there was the first day of playing in the sprinkler.  Little wouldn’t go out at first and as I watched KB and Bubba I had flash back to my brother and I in Locust, NC.  We used to love the sprinkler.  As you can see, our kids do to.

Monica and I went to the number 1 and 2 places for eating (according to. . . what publication, Mo?).  There was barbecue at Pappy’s and custard at Ted Drewes.

Bible School was a blast and such a joy to hear KB’s update every day. She would talk so fast I would miss parts but when I did catch what she was saying I heard names, names, names. I have some social kids! Makes this extrovert of a mom so proud *wink*.

Funny thing about VBS at our church is that it doesn’t start until Tuesday.  It’s a bit frustrating, really.  We pay more per child than the other PCA churches and we get one less day. . . I don’t see it.  Still, it left us Monday to fill and a PJs trip to Krispy Kreme made the agenda.  The pajama memo didn’t get to everyone so, as you see, we had one child in pajamas, one in long sleeves (?), and one dressed in shorts that were too short.  Whatever – we had a blast!

We knocked out one more park while we were at it.  Des Peres Park is just up the road and we’ve been there many a time but the water sprayer makes repeat trips acceptable for all involved.  Throw in some ducks, a nice walk around the “lake” and a good “knoll roll” – – it’s well worth the time.

It made me tired to write all this.  Good grief, I am TOO OLD! Still, the summer marches on and this week is Camp LuthinLighter.  Stay tuned for what that is and why. . .

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3 Responses to Week Four

  1. Debbie says:

    How fun for Monica to join you for your adventures!

  2. julia says:

    I don’t know Becky…I think you are deserving of the cool Mom award for all the planned outings you have offered to the kiddos. All that my Mom & Dad did was either 1) summer school (this was not to make up for classes I had failed mind you!) or 2) drop us all at the pool around 10am and picked us up at 6:00pm. The worst time of day for me was Adult Swim from 12:30 -1:00pm.

  3. Anna says:

    Try pluggedin.com

    My birthday wish – cute and comfy Becky PJs!


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