Weeks Two and Three

We are in the fifth full week of summer and about to start Camp LuthinLighter and swimming lessons.  Sheesh.  So much has gone on around here and I want to remember it all.

The second full week of summer found Little and Bubba attending Variety Adventure Camp.  Variety is a children’s charity that provides equipment for children with special needs – for example, shoe inserts for our Little.  Each camper has their own counselor and there is swimming, ice skating, karate, cooking, and more.  I am so thankful for these special kids to get a camp experience and this year there was the added bonus of Bubba’s counselor being a graduate of KDS (the school Bubba will be attending this Fall).  I was concerned about how Bubba would handle the news that he was switching schools, but one week of “Corey had Mrs. Hickle” and I knew all would be well.  (KB and I had many adventures together during the week AND a couple “play dates”!!)

Week Three allowed for competitive app playing with Bubba at home while Little and KB attended camps.  Little attended dance camp at a nearby Christian high school.  Her teacher from Promise is the coach of the dance team and they invited the girls from Promise to be a part of the camp.  Little had a ball and did supprisingly well for a gal who “can’t” coordinate the right and left sides of her body!!

KB attended a camp through the Center for Creative Arts (COCA) called “More Than A Box”.  She must have had a great time because she came home covered in paint each day.  Here’s the description of the camp: “Age: 4 – 5.  Boats…cities…castles…spaceships!  There is nothing you can’t make from a giant cardboard box, a lot of cool art materials and your imagination. Discover the possibilities in this really imaginative visual arts camp.”  Doesn’t that sound super fun? She says it was!

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2 Responses to Weeks Two and Three

  1. Debbie says:

    Hope you are having as much fun this summer as they are! 🙂 This is Seek the City week for our older ones and VBS for the younger. We are sewing some pj pants, cleaning out a room (that needs it desperately!), going to swim meets, and just hanging around together. Nice.

  2. julia says:

    That dance video made my day! A wee bit of joy is in my heart after watching this. Little had the beat in her tootsies right from the start and she did it even if it was her way!


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