End of May Randoms

There is nothing here of any depth. You have been warned.

1. Bubba has a loose tooth. FINALLY. I am fine with him keeping the teeth as long as the good Lord intended, but it has been a bit touch and go watching so many others in his class loosing teeth. I am not sure when teachers lost their sense and decided to start having bulletin boards devoted to tracking lost teeth, but come ON people. Next thing you know they’ll start keeping track of who is shaving and heaven help the late bloomer. . .

2. I had a birthday last week and my family really was sweet about it. My kids screamed and squealed at every opportunity. In the van that afternoon, Little said, “I wish I was 41.” I laughed and asked why she would want to be as old as me. She replied, “You can do lots of good things.” KB cut in and said, “You can carry people and that’s a good thing. And you can read really well when you are 41.” Awesome. I am one lucky woman – I can carry people and read well; just the things I was hoping my children were admiring about me.

3. They had an award ceremony at school on Little’s last day. She received a certificate for being the “Most Enthusiastic” and “Best Laugh”. She jumps up and down and giggles every time I refer to it.

4. Bubba asked if we could have a huge play date this summer and invite his entire class over so he could teach them about God. What an awkward play date 🙂 Still, how do I say no to that?

5. There is this place in our shower where you can stand and put your face straight into the water and it hits in a circle around your nose so you can still breathe. It’s the closest to being a fish one could get.

6. We finally got to see The Avengers and I liked it so very much. I went with two guys who grew up reading comic books and a woman who, like me, loves a man who grew up reading comic books. Anyway, they all knew quite a bit about back stories and such so they had more “educated” thoughts on the movie. In this case ignorance was bliss ’cause I had no response but lovin’ it.

7. I read the preface of Unbroken (by Laura Hillenbrand) and I am not sure I’m going to be able to stomach the story. Honey has proclaimed it a favorite and my friend, Regan, can’t say enough about it. Still, I just don’t know how to process that level of sadness in a day to day that encounters sadness of it’s own. I’ll let you know how it goes.

8. I was letting KB know that we are going to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow and told her she was going to get to play in the Children’s Garden. She has been walking around all day singing about going to the “Cheerful Gardens”. I like it.

9. My sweet friend Tammy came through town on her way to a new life in Colorado. While here she spoke of a Yiddish tale called, “It Could Always Be Worse” and it’s moral of perspective affecting the way we live. A copy of the book arrived today with a tag that says, “Buyer: Tammy M”. Such a fun surprise and sweet surcie. Thanks, Tammy!

10. This is day five of summer break and I have come to the conclusion that we must go straight to Walmart and purchase a trampoline. I will also be calling an OT for HELP.

11. Matthew Smith as The Doctor has grown on me.

12. I think there should be a website where tv writers go and finish off a storyline when a show gets cancelled. Seriously. We watched Alcatraz this past year and we’ll never know why those men kept waking up in random places having not aged a day. There’s a group of lawyers in LA that I will never know how they fared in The Deep End and a guy named Walter down near Miami who got arrested in the season finale of The Finder and, for all we know, is rotting in jail forever! Don’t even get me started on Firefly. It’s enough to make one want to wait until there is a second season before one watches the first season of any show.

13. I miss my brother and his family. I miss family. Yep, I am having one of those days; don’t mind me.

14. I got 9 red, orange, and yellow peppers for $3 today. I should be cutting them up and preparing to freeze them. . . yep, I should go do that.

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6 Responses to End of May Randoms

  1. julia says:

    Umm, I’m with you on #12!

  2. Coralie says:

    I love it when I make your posts. It’s summer, so let’s hang out more. OK?

  3. Cath says:

    I loved #2 and #3. THey made me laugh. It IS a good thing to be able to carry people, after all. Kids are so cute. Especially yours who say the funniest things.

    Can you video that #3 play date? I want to see the fall out…

  4. amy s. says:

    #5…i can so picture you trying that out! hilarious!

  5. 3littlemen says:

    I love your “randoms”. I like the way you think, the way your kids think, and, well… I just love the Kicklighters in general. They make me smile. Love you.

  6. Nicole Summerall says:

    Hearing 14 things about you, no matter what they are, made my day. Miss you friend.


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