School’s Out for Summer!!!

Everybody’s done.

I sent my little man off to school Wednesday with a bag lunch that celebrated the day.

Yep, Bubba finished on Wednesday with a full day of outdoor play – our educational system at it’s finest.  He told me this morning, “Mom, I really loved Kindergarten.  I love school.  I guess it’s time to say, ‘First grade, here I come!!!'”  Not yet, little man.  Let’s enjoy the days ahead. . .

KB finished on Thursday with a “bring your sibling to class” day.  How nice that Bubba was out and could go sit on the carpet with his little sister.  She was elated.  He told the class that he was in first grade and used a “make no mistake” tone.  After extended time on the playground we headed for home.  KB gave me a sheet that told how much she weighs and how tall she is and announced that she was growing and would now be in Pre-K.  Everyone is in such a hurry it seems.

Today was Little’s last day of 2nd grade.  She is right on grade level with her reading and just below average with Math – – she can do it but doesn’t like to.  There was an award ceremony today and Little was given the certificate for “Most Enthusiastic and Best Laugh”.  I couldn’t ask for more.  When said to Little, “You are officially a third grader, Little, ”  she responded, “I aM?”  Finally.  One kiddo who will take her time. . .

Each day the child finishing up came home to a bucket o’ joy and screams of happiness.  Everything is straight from Pinterest.  You can find links to everything from here.







Here’s the difference the year made. . .


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1 Response to School’s Out for Summer!!!

  1. Debbie says:

    Hooray for summer! Only 4 days left for my girls . . . Can’t wait until Friday :).


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