Summer 2012

20120518-074719.jpgThis week all three schools where we have children enrolled will close their doors for the summer; Bubba finishes on Wednesday, KB on Thursday, and Little wraps things up on Friday.  I am actually excited about a more relaxed schedule and bumming around a bit with the kids.

The real reason I am so calm, if I am honest, is that I have a plan for the next three months.  I am anticipating very little “sit and stare at mommy” time.  There are lots of camps and such, but there is also my “little” list.  I got the printable from the gals at Eighteen25 and asked the kids what things they wanted to do over the summer.  (Julie, swimming with Mrs. Puff was mentioned by all three children so you are on the board!)  Just having a list of ideas to choose from makes my heart rate even out!

There is a park to visit for every week of the summer and a thirty minute hike for the family to take each week.  KB is going to learn to read and Bubba has committed to stop sucking his thumb.  Then there’s the “time passers” like making ice cream in individual baggies and eating watermelon and spitting the seeds.  I even think we are going to attempt a sibling sleepover one night and let them all bunk up in one room!!! I am sure you will hear how that goes.  KB asked if we could take pictures of everything and I was more than happy to answer yes.  If you are nice I will share some of them with you.

What fun things do you have in the pipeline for summer? Leave a comment and permission to “steal” your idea!

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4 Responses to Summer 2012

  1. Debbie says:

    I am so impressed–what a great idea! Usually I have more of a “plan” than I have currently. Thankfully, my kids go a week later than yours and then head to camp for a week, so I have a bit longer to figure out what we are going to do and not do this summer. Enjoy this last week and get ready for SUMMER!

  2. amy s. says:

    i am attempting less media and more crafts…with the hopes that abby might gain some basic sewing skills and julia might gain interest. (see pinterest board on meda free summer ideas) most of all, i am hoping that i won’t hear “I’M BORED!!!” anymore than i already have (after a mere week!) the rule is, you say that, i give you something to do. like dust the house. 🙂
    the BIG project for the summer though is to go through each room, each drawer and purge. praying all the while, “Lord, please give my excess to someone who really needs it.” (HT Jen Hatmaker)
    we’ll see how much this all lasts!!

  3. julia says:

    I am impressed and will be lookig for some amazing posts! David just finished planning ur vacation last night. We are heading to Norht and South Carolina and the Smokies! More to be updated on the blog. I just have two more work trips Nashville and Denver.

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