I Never Posted. . .

about Easter.   Funny, the day after Easter the web was flooded with family photos and matching clothing but I just forgot to do it.  KB was sick that day and the picture taking was anticlimactic.  We never have gotten a picture of all five of us.  

The rest of the day was fun. Our friends came over for an egg hunt and meal.  The men hid the eggs, as is tradition here, and the kids found them all, as is becoming tradition here.

Ready to go. . .

The year the eggs had money in them. This picture shows our friend Dave telling the kids to put them money into his pocket where he’ll keep it safe for them. Nice one, Dave.

Bottom line? Fun was had by all.  We LOVE spending Easter Sunday with Dave and Julia.  The next morning I was asked, “When will Mr. Nolda and Ms. Julia come to play again?”
I was wondering the same thing!

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