Mother’s Day

As I tucked my little man into bed tonight he said, “I just don’t want this day to end!” I have to admit that I agree with him – what a wonderful day I had today! This mother felt loved and needed.

It all really started last weekend when my mom was here for a visit. She took this little munchkin out into the 90+ degree heat and started the process of cleaning out the van. I played ignorant and KB was so very excited. It became necessary to use the van and so they had to stop before finishing, BUT they got all the trash out which made it so very simple for Honey and the girls to take the van to a place where 15 guys attack your van and have it shining before you can sing the alphabet. It was beautiful – just what I wanted.

Isn’t it great?? And the best thing is that today, Mother’s Day, a week later. . . it still looks this clean!! There has been quite a few times where a passerby could hear me saying, “aah! Don’t you get out of the car without that_____” (fill in with doll, backpack, cup, crayon, etc.)

So I got to drive a clean van today, worship with my church family, eat Qdoba for lunch, spend the afternoon in my room at my desk (heaven), and go on a walk across the street with my whole family. LOVED IT. Unfortunately, someone had ridden a horse on the trail just before we got there and KB spent the first half of the walk announcing “POOP” every few feet, but even the BMN (bowel movement narrative) couldn’t bring me down. When we got home, Honey gave baths while Bubba drew me the picture at the top of the screen. So lovely!!

The day ended with three little ones telling me they love me and happy mother’s day, an episode of Sherlock Holmes, and my Honey telling me he’s glad I’m his. Nice.

Hope your day was just as nice. What was your favorite part of the day?

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1 Response to Mother’s Day

  1. So sweet! It’s often the little things that mean so much on days like this.


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