That’s What She/He Said

Remember that show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”?  This post has nothing to do with that show, except that my kiddos have been dropping some funny lines around here and I had to share.

Several weeks ago when Jungle Book was on the docket for family night, Little snuggled down in her sister’s bean bag and off-handedly commented, “The elephants in this are great.”  Thanks, Siskel.

KB loves to throw it in my face that she keeps growing.  She’ll walk up and say, “Look how much I have grown, mama” and I will pout and demand that she stop growing this instant. She giggles as she runs away and calls out, “I can’t stop, mama.  God made me to keep growing.  Well, in the car last week she was taunting me with, “I’m growing mama” and Little was getting more and more upset.  Finally Little called out, “NO GROWING IN THE CAR!”

March 27 was my day to deliver snacks to Bubba’s class.  March went by in a blur this year and I have to admit that the end of the month crept up on me.  I got my hair cut on March 27 and Honey was at the house to greet Bubba when he got off the bus.  The first thing Bubba said was, “Dad.  YOUR WIFE forgot to bring my snacks to school today.”  (Sounds a lot Adam.  At least Bubba had the decency to change it up a bit and refrain from saying, “The mother you gave me . . .”)

There’s a song on the radio that has the lyric, “I’m talkin’ pedicure on our toes”  The artist (term used loosely) sings so fast that I was pretty sure none of my kids ever caught any of the words, then yesterday KB asked if we could listen to that “toothpaste on my toes” song.

Bubba climbed into bed with me one morning and finally got restless.  Instead of just getting up and leaving me along (novel idea) he scooted down to the bottom of the bed and called out from under the covers, “Mom! Now you have to sit on me.  I’m not a fossil yet.”  I laid my head on his back and started to doze off again until I heard him quietly say, “Time passes.”  Hilarious.

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1 Response to That’s What She/He Said

  1. julia says:

    These are classic!


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